Hearing Strange Noises?

Have Rats, Rodents or Other Critters Invaded Your Home…

… And You Want Them Gone NOW ?

What was that?!  At first, you think it's your imagination.  You hear peculiar sounds, but you don't see anything. 

Then, you hear it again... scratching, scurrying sounds coming from your attic, the ceiling, the other room, or even from behind your walls. 

It is unnerving to say the least.

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You are now convinced a rat, a mouse, or some rodent or critter has invaded your home.  You sleep with one eye open worrying about when they’ll get into your living area.

This bad news usually gets worse.

If you have a rodent, it won't be long until you have more.  That is just a fact.  This is because one will attract others, or more often babies start to show up.  The word gets out that there is a warm, dry place to live!

Soon, the insulation gets ruined with critter excrement.  This can lead to respiratory diseases circulating through your home.  They also start chewing up your wiring.  It becomes a real mess.  See all the details below.

God forbid if they get into your living area.  Who wants to run into a rat or other wild critter in the middle of the night? 

The bottom line:  It really won't get better by itself.

But, there is good news.

The wildlife experts at Haynes Wildlife Removal can quickly locate and thoroughly remove your rodent and critter problem... guaranteed... and repair all the damage done to your home.

You can rest easy at night knowing your problem has been fully resolved. We can also provide you a 100% peace of mind guarantee, so you won't ever have to worry again.

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Common Questions We Hear

What are some signs that I have a critter problem?   
  • You may hear strange sounds, like scratching, thumping, squeaking, and the pitter patter of feet in the attic, ceiling tiles, walls or basement.  These sounds come at all times of the day and even night. 
  • Electric sockets and lights mysteriously stop working.  This is because rodents love to chew on things.  See more on this below under “damage”
  • Signs of intruders, like tiny pellets (feces), things disturbed, food boxes chewed on, little messes.

Rats and other rodents can get into your home in a variety of ways.  Remember, they are very motivated to get into a warm, dry place like a home.  They can squeeze themselves into a fireplace, roof vents, siding, soffit gaps and chimney flues.  Where they can’t squeeze in, they can chew or claw their way in. 

Will they leave by themselves?

Having critters in your home are like most problems:  they don’t just go away by themselves.  The smells from the rodent or critter urine and poop attracts other animals.  These critters in your attic can also tempt raccoons to enter the attic, too. Raccoons will hunt down the rodents or bats that may already be living in the attic.  

What kind of damage can critters cause to my home?  

Damage to your home

  • Wires, pipes, insulation, ductwork.  Rats or other rodents are prolific chewers.  It has been estimated that up to 50% (no, that isn’t a misprint or exaggeration according to studies) of all house fires of an unknown origin can be attributed to rodents chewing through electrical wires.  Other damage include leaks from chewed water pipes (how’d you like to come home to a flooded house?), alarm system malfunctions, not mention damage to your insulation and ductwork.  They are not benign visitors.

Damage to your family’s health

  • Respiratory disease, allergies, asthma.  Rats, bats and other rodents tend to choose certain areas as their bathroom.  The smell of their excretion begins to pervade the living areas of your home.  You may try to ignore the ever increasing odor but guests will notice it right away.  If one of the critters dies in your home, the smell of the decomposing body is awful.  The air ducts travel through the attic area, distributing these smells and unsanitary airborne diseases.  This has an impact on your respiratory health.  Rats, squirrels and other rodents also bring in parasites that can lead to certain parasitic illnesses, like tick fever, and the Powassan virus. 

Damage to your physical and psychological health

  • If you continually here strange noises at all hours, it almost seems like you are living in a haunted house.  The ability to sleep peacefully is stolen away.  You are unconsciously, and often consciously on edge.  Have you ever gone a couple of weeks straight without a good night’s sleep?  It affects your ability to concentrate, your attitude and mood, and affects your relationships and work performance. 
What are the pros and cons to doing it yourself v. hiring a professional?

The biggest advantage to getting rid of a rat or other pest on your own is that you save a few bucks.  That is the one and only advantage. 

Unfortunately, for homeowners, doing it yourself is just not that easy.  Plus, there are hidden costs that need to be factored in

  • Purchase of special tools, traps, etc.,
  • The value of your time trying to get rid of the critter (do you remember Bill Murray in Caddyshack?)

Other problems with attempting it on your own:

  • Squirrels bite and have very sharp claws. Even with special gloves you risk injury, contracting rabies, etc.
  • Did you get them all?  The simple fact is that rodents and other critters attract other critters.  Plus, your unwanted guests breed quickly.  In about 60% of the cases, the rat or squirrel that has invaded your home is a pregnant female looking for a warm, dry place to nest with her young. 
  • Using Repellant and/or Poison.  Some homeowners unwisely attempt to use poisoned food after the use of repellents has failed.  Bad idea!  After the rat or rodent dies, where do they go?  Nowhere.  Their carcass begins to decompose, creating a powerful stench that pervades the house.  Along with decomposing little bodies comes other disease risks, like maggots, fly larvae and other bugs.  Often a professional is contacted after this is attempted in an effort to get rid of dead animals (plus any live ones).
  • Listen to one homeowners account in Kudzu (Jan 2008): 

    “I recently had a problem with rats. I decided to solve it myself. That was my first mistake.  I used poison and one fat rat died in my office ceiling.  What a stench!”   Dennis C.

  • If you are success in getting ALL the critters, how are you going to keep them out in the future?  This is discouraging to a homeowner who thinks they have solved the problem, only to have it recur over and over again.  

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